Stag bellowing in Correze hiking break

From 15 to 17 September 2023.
Full board, day guide and evening outings, dinners ++.
Prices subject to change.

Séjour rando à la découverte du brame du cerf avec un guide du domaine du lac de soursac

Discover the stag, the largest wild mammal in Corrèze.

In 1900, forests in Corrèze covered only 1/4 of the land area. Today, almost half the surface area of the department is wooded. The meadows and forests of the Corrèze meet all the deer’s needs in terms of food and living environment. The stag is the largest wild mammal in Corrèze.

The bellowing of the stag is an extraordinary natural spectacle. Discreet and almost invisible all year round, the big stags of the Corrèze come fearlessly out of the woods for the bellowing period, displaying themselves, shouting (bellowing) and asserting themselves as masters of their place.
Braying, physical intimidation and, last but not least, fighting, sometimes violent, will decide which males are capable of reproducing.

During the day, you will hike along the paths of Villages en Barrages and at nightfall, wrapped up warm, you will discover this natural spectacle accompanied by your guide.
Afterwards, we’ll warm you up with a Corrézien menu (forest aperitif, split pea soup, Millassou and homemade tart).

Séjour randonnées au Domaine du lac de soursac pour découvrir le brame du cerf
Chateau Val à Bort les Orgues avec le Domaine du lac de soursac - Corrèze
Barrage de l'aigle - Randonnée encadrée avec le Domaine du Lac de Soursac

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Stay from 15 to 17 September 2023 on a full-board basis. Day guide, evening outings and dinners ++ included. Prices on offer. If you would like to place an option on this holiday, please contact us by telephone on 05 45 70 40 14.

Domaine du Lac de Soursac
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