Bar, grill, pizzeria, ice cream parlour on the lac de soursac estate

La terrasse de la pizzeria du Domaine du lac de Soursac
Le bar du domaine du lac de soursac

The restaurant at the Domaine du lac de Soursac offers a menu of grilled meats, large salads and pizzas.

In June, your restaurant is open every Friday and Saturday from 7pm and 7 days a week for a drink.

Enjoy our wide choice of pizzas, as well as our Saint Nectaire hamburger, green pepper beef steak, dinner salad with sautéed potatoes, bacon and gizzards, or simply a salad with warm goat’s cheese and honey.

Feeling thirsty? Our wine list features local wines such as Triadoux, a must-try!

Would you like to try a dessert? Or an ice cream sundae.

You can also take advantage of the magnificent terrace overlooking the lake.

Domaine du Lac de Soursac pizza menu (takeaway or on site) - prices 2023

Fresh ingredients

Our ingredients are all fresh and come from Corrèze producers wherever possible.

100% homemade pizzas and desserts

Pizzas, brasserie dishes, desserts... All our dishes are home-made.

The secrets of Glandouillou

Do you know where the idea for the Glandouillou came from? From our little mascot in our logo 🙂

Profitez de notre terrasse extérieure pour déguster l'une de nos 17 glaces - domaine du lac de soursac - corrèze

A little ice cream on the terrace of the Domaine du Lac de Soursac?

Did you say ice cream?
At the Domaine du Lac de Soursac, there are over 17 flavours to discover: chocolate strawberry, vanilla, blackcurrant, pistachio, rum raisin, banana, apricot, vine peach, mango, coconut… And also bubble gum.

So whether you’re on holiday at the Domaine or just passing through Corrèze, don’t hesitate to stop off and fill up on our ice creams.

Domaine du Lac de Soursac
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